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Thinking of putting a fence around your property? Then no need to hire a professional when you can easily do the project with a good nail gun. While fencing wooden boards is easy, the main trouble is cutting the planks. And if you get your planks professionally cut then the only work remaining is to install the fence. So all you need is the best nail for fencing for putting wooden planks beautifully around the property.

If you’re a new buyer then let us assure you that nail gun is not only limited to fencing. There are a lot of uses for nail guns. The only thing you need to take care of is nail size. 16-d or 3-1/2-inch nails are appropriate for fencing.

Also, nails are better fasteners for wooden planks. They are easy to install than screws and also deliver enough strength to hold a large plank. With the right size nail inside an electric or pneumatic nail gun, you can quickly finish fencing a large property.

Best Fencing Nail Gun

Best Nailer Gun for Fencing

We’ll discuss how to pick the best tool later. As of now, let us begin with the best fencing nail guns reviews.

1) PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit with 1 Battery

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Experience less hassle and more power with Porter-Cable cordless brad nailer gun. Powerful cordless operation is the sweet selling point of this model. And the tool does deliver what it claims. All you need to take care of is, attach a compatible battery on the bottom, fill in the nail magazine and you’re ready to work. Thanks to its 100% battery-operated design that eliminates the need for long electric hoses and pain to find a good electric source when working on outdoor projects.

The special motor design of Porter Cable electric nail gun provides consistent firing into various materials and climate conditions as well. Its flywheel mechanism ensures every nail is fired right into the place without jamming. And even in the case of jam, you can easily unjam the magazine with a special jam release button. Here you do not need any tools as the lever is designed to release any blocking nails.

An adjustable depth gauge makes the brad nailer gun good for multiuse. The depth control works well and drives nails just below the surface at max depth. This way the material behind does not damage and the nail penetrates well into the surface for better stability. Constant depth during every fire makes the tool perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Our Verdict


  • Thanks to its 100% battery-operated design that eliminates the hassle of long electric cords, compressor, or gas canister
  • Enough battery life to fire up to 1300 nails per charge
  • Multiple tool-free settings for increased productivity and user safety
  • Multi-directional dual-LED to work better in dim lighting conditions
  • Best rated cordless brad nailer for fencing and other DIY projects


  • No option for ‘rapid-fire’. Contact surface fire only
  • Does not come with a carrying case

Key Features:

  • 20-volt
  • Brushless motor
  • 2-in max fastener size
  • 5/8-in min fastener size
  • Dual led
  • Depth adjustment wheel
  • Weighs 5.9 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty

2) Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Get the pneumatic power with cordless freedom. Yes, the unique air spring drive system delivers similar performance as a pneumatic nail gun, however, in this case, you won’t need an air compressor. The Metabo nailer kit comes with a compact 3.0Ah lithium-ion battery, fast charger, contractor bag, and safety glasses. In short, you get all you need for a safe and sound operation.

The magazine space of Metabo HPT accepts a round head 21-degree plastic strip. Therefore, you can fit collated nails from 2 inches to up to 3-1/2-inch in length. Thus, you can add nail gauge size to do framework, baseboard, as well as outdoor fencing. Besides, the included Metabo battery has enough power to drive 400 nails per charge. Thus, enough to complete a big fencing project around the property.

Easy switch from bump to sequential quick transits between firing mode. While you can air fire or say, rapid-fire in sequential mode, the nail drives only when the surface comes into contact with bump fire mode. And thanks to the brushless motor that fires nails smoothly and runs for a longer period on a single charge.

Our Verdict


  • Ideal for construction framing applications and small to mid-size DIY projects around the home
  • It uses a sealed compressor to drive each nail that resulting in zero ramp-up time
  • The unique air spring drive system delivers power same as a pneumatic fencing nailer gun
  • Brushless motor technology delivers more power, runs longer, and requires less maintenance
  • Equipped with a pivoting rafter hook to hang the tool safely when not in use
  • Best electric nail gun for woodworking


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Low nail holding capacity; you will require frequent refill when working on larger projects
  • Costly for occasional use

Key Features:

  • 18V
  • Brushless motor
  • 3.5-in max nail length
  • 2-in min nail length
  • Zero ramp-up
  • Weighs 10.1 pounds
  • 2-year battery warranty
  • Lifetime tool warranty

3) BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Pneumatic

BOSTITCH Framing Nailer

A lightweight framing nailer like Bostitch F21PL is perfect for avid DIYers and homeowners that like to do projects on their own. Unlike cordless, this is a pneumatic nail gun that requires a good air compressor for flawless performance. And when it comes to power, the Bostitch 21-degree plastic collated framing nailer will never fail on you. It delivers consistent power and drives each nail to the set perfection for pro results.

The Bostitch F21PL round-head framing nailer is ideal for framing, sheathing, subflooring, bracing, and fencing jobs. The main credit for its flawless performance goes to its ergonomic design. Bostitch F21PL features a strong, lightweight magnesium body that eases maneuvering of the tool.

In addition to that, the pneumatic nailer gun has a patented feature that lets you set nail depth with the push of a button. Therefore, no more guesswork with depth adjustment. Other than that, quick-change nose pins let you switch from plastic-collated framing nails to a metal connector in seconds. Therefore, you can use the same tool for metal connector applications.

Our Verdict


  • Lightweight magnesium body, plus, integrated rubber skid pads, and rubber grip
  • Includes 2 quick-change nose pins that let you use the tool for framing or metal connector applications
  • Patented push-button depth guide
  • Adjustable rafter hook to hang the tool on rafter or joists
  • Factory-installed sequential trigger and exclusive smart trigger
  • Best rated strip framing nailer gun for indoor and outdoor use


  • Average tip adjustment
  • Required 80 PSI
  • It would be better to have a metal cap instead of a plastic one

Key Features:

  • Pneumatic
  • Angled collation
  • 21-degree
  • 60 magazine capacity
  • 1/4-in inlet size
  • Weighs 4.17 pounds
  • 7-year limited warranty

4) CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (CMCN618C1)

A budget nail gun like Craftsman CMCN618C1 is an excellent pick for home use. It is cordless, has a well-balanced design, and is budget-friendly. Therefore, it has got all the qualities you need for a professional finish of a private wooden fencing project. Also, the fully cordless design does not require a compressor, hoses, or costly gas cartridges. Simply attach a charged battery to the end and take the tool to the wooden plank for perfect fence installation.

Only the lightweight of the tool is not enough for perfect results. It is the combination of design and weight that makes the tool user-friendly. And this Craftsman cordless brad nailer gun offers an optimal center of gravity. Therefore, the tool feels comfortable in hand even if you use it for hours. Perfect for DIYers and new woodworkers.

The density of each wood is different from the other. And you need to adjust the drive-depth accordingly. So just like a majority of air nail guns in the market, this tool also offers single tool-free depth settings. Set the right depth and the wooden plank will stick perfectly without cracking or leaving teeth marks.

Our Verdict


  • Tool-less depth, jam, and stall settings
  • Ergonomic design with contoured over-molded handle
  • Belt hook for added access and storage
  • Powerful motor provides consistent firing power in various climate conditions and materials
  • Non-marring tip to prevent damage to the work surface
  • Best budget cordless nail gun for timber fencing


  • The tool needs time to cool down
  • Lacks enough power to sink nails into denser wood

Key Features:

  • 20V
  • 18 nail gauge
  • 2-in max nail length
  • Tool-free depth settings
  • Lock-off switch
  • Weighs 7.46 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty

5) Makita AN924 21º Full Round Head 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

Makita AN924 21º Full Round Head 3-1/2" Framing Nailer

Save your time and energy from manual nailing with a powerful pneumatic nail gun in hand. And as soon as you hear the brand name Makita, you know the tool is going to be powerful. This pneumatic framing nailer with a full round head is perfect for professional fencing of boundaries. Be it simple panel installation, timber, or featheredge fencing, you can finish a large project easily with this tool.

Its sharp, pronounced spurs grip wood for maximum control. And better the control over firing nails, impressive the results would be. Besides, you can choose a convenient way of firing nails. Makita’s full round head brad nail gun offers a 2-mode selector switch that allows the operator to select contact or sequential nailing options. Therefore, you can either rapid-fire the nails or aim the tip to the wooden plank to fix it against the aris rail.

Makita AN924 has a lightweight aluminum design with a heat-treated S7 steel driver blade. Such a well-balanced design provides utmost comfort while driving thick gauge nails into the wooden planks. Plus, the tool features a solid aluminum top-loading magazine and a nail lock-out mechanism that protects the tool and work surface from dry fires. In short, this pneumatic air nail gun has got all the essential features you need for professional fencing.

Our Verdict


  • Ergonomic rubberized grip for increased comfort
  • Solid top-loading aluminum magazine
  • Front magazine cover for additional nail support
  • Tool-less depth adjustment engineered for precise flush and countersink nailing
  • Rubber bumpers to protect tool and surface damage
  • Engineered for a wide range of applications including framing walls, floors, roofs, as well as the construction of the roof and floor decking
  • Best quality air nail gun for wood fencing


  • Complains of nail jamming
  • Bulky design

Key Features:

  • 21-degree gun angle
  • 3-1/2-in max fastener size
  • 2-in min fastener size
  • 73 magazine capacity
  • 2-mode selector
  • Weighs 11.75 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty

How To Choose The Best Nail Gun for Fencing?

Type of Wood

Different regions have different availability of wood. However, some common wood used for fencing is redwood, cedar, and pine. It is easy to drive nails into softwood with an electric nail gun. On the other hand, you’ll good pneumatic air framing nailer to drive nails into hardwood such as oak.

How Big of a Fence Are You Building?

Fencing height is another important aspect when buying a new nail gun. You will need a good-quality electric fencing nail gun for a large project. The longer battery life of the tool ensures you finish fencing the large boundary without having to take long recharging breaks in between.

However, an inexpensive framing nailer is the best pick for small fencing, DIY projects, or occasional use.

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The Bottom Line – Fencing Nail Guns

Fencing nailers or simply, nail guns are a versatile tool that can be used for many projects. And with the right tool in your box, you can do a lot more than just make a boundary fence. Picking the right model according to your usage and applications will help you finish various projects like a pro. And now that you’ve got a list of the best nail guns above, it will be easy to decide whether to pick an electric or pneumatic nail gun.


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