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Circular saws are one of the most commonly used woodworking tools. From experts to DIY use, you can find one good circular saw in a woodworking shop or inside the garage of a DIY enthusiast.

While the tool is popular for its razor-sharp cutting technology that allows for various complex and freestyle cuts, you can also use a circular saw to make straight cuts. It might sound a bit strange for people who have never used the tool to make straight cuts, but indeed, you can. However, you need to follow certain practices while making a straight cut using a circular saw. This ensures the cut is up to the mark and straight as you want it to be.

How to Cut Straight with a Circular Saw

And today we’ll be discussing how to make a straight cut with a circular saw, whether it be short or long. As you keep reading below, you’ll come across various tips and tricks that will help to cut metal or plywood straight in one go. These little tips and tricks can be beneficial while working on large DIY or commercial projects. Now without any further delay let us help you cut straight lines using the circular saw.

Prepare for the Material

The first and important thing is to prepare the material. And for that, you will need clamps, a marker/pencil, and a stable work table to put the piece on. Make a straight line on the metal/plywood using a pencil and rulers.

You can also use the markings on the work table to make a straight cut. Many worktables comprise laser light that is extremely helpful while making simple, straight cuts on both, small and larger boards.

Attach the right blade

One blade cannot cut all types of materials. Therefore, it is important to attach the right saw blade for cutting metal/plywood, or any other material. Even for wood, you need to consider the right cutting blade as softwood cuts easily than hardwood. Below is a quick reference guide for choosing the right circular saw blade to cut different materials.

  • Plywood: 24-T blade
  • Solidwood(Crosscutting): In between 40T to 80T ATB
  • MDF/Particleboard/Melamine: In between 40T to 80T ATB or TCG blade
  • Plastic sheet/PVC pipe/Non-ferrous metals: 80-tooth TCG blade

Set cutting depth

After marking up the material and fixing the right blade, it’s time to set the cutting depth. The depth of the blade should be just a quarter more than the actual cutting depth. This ensures smooth and precise cutting of the material without damaging the work table. Do not set the depth too low. This might result in uneven cutting as well as can prove to be dangerous.

Use circular saw guide or Kreg rip-cut guide

Getting the straight cut in one go is a breeze with the help of the right tools. And Kreg rip-cut guide is one such tool. This simple cutting guide converts your ordinary circular saw into a precise edge-guided cutting tool. If your DIY work and commercial work include cutting a line straight then it is better to invest in such tools.

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Follow the cutting line

Placement of the blade on the cut line is an important step. This will determine how precisely the material will cut into halve or say, straight. If you’re just a beginner then practice blade placement on a small piece of wood or metal. After 3-4 cuts, you’ll notice where the blade cuts onto the material.

For professionals, it is easy to follow the cut mark line. In many cases, they don’t even need to mark the material. They simply follow the bright red laser line on the board that gives optimum cutting accuracy.

While straight cutting is easy with Kreg- rip-cut guide, you’ll find it difficult to cross-cut the material with the tool. So it is better to use speed square or combination square for accurate straight cuts.

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Wrapping Up on Circular Saw Straight Cuts

Circular saws are a perfect tool for making straight cuts as long as you have a good hand on the tool. Also, use the right equipment for crosscutting and straight cutting. The handy little circular saw can rip a variety of materials in one go which is why it is a popular woodworking tool.

Remember to always wear safety gear while handling such a sharp tool. No matter how small the cut is, wear safety glasses and practice safe ripping methods. And we’re sure that you’ll be able to make precise straight cuts with your circular saw by following the above steps.


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