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A 2000-watt inverter generator is the best choice for home use. You can run multiple appliances on a reliable 2000-watt generator. Besides, inverters run quietly than conventional gasoline units, which makes them best for home/apartment use. You can get basic appliances of the home like TV, refrigerator, cooler, etc, running on sudden power outage without having to tolerate unpleasant noise coming off the generator.

In addition to home use, a good value 2000-watt inverter generator is a perfect choice for RV. The space in an RV is limited but then you also need a reliable power source to run several RV appliances. And a portable 2000-watt generator is ideal for powering most RV appliances for hours.

Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Today, there are a lot of brands in the market claiming to offer the best 2000-watt inverter generator. But obviously, not all of them stand up to the mark. So after studying various models for hours(some even days), we have picked some of the best 2000W inverter generators. The below reviews will give you an in-depth idea of different models to help you pick the best one for your home, office, or RV.

1) Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda is a common and popular name when it comes to generators. If you can’t tolerate continuous loud noises coming off a generator but want essential home appliances to run during a power outage then Honda EU2200i is a perfect choice. While Honda generators are already famous for their quiet working, this unit also operates between 48 – 57 dBA. In short, the sound it makes is less than a normal conversation.

Thanks to Honda’s advanced inverter technology that not only runs quietly but also provides stable output. As a result, clean and consistent power runs heavy-appliances like microwave, hairdryer, RV air conditioner, TV, and much more. Besides heavy-duty appliances, Honda portable inverter generator is completely safe to run/charge sensitive electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, led lights, etc.

While Honda EU2200i is excellent for home use, the EU series is powerful enough to use for construction work. Also, no need to worry about overload damage as the inverter generator shuts off automatically if placed excessive load. Thus, protects potential damage to the generator and the appliance/tool.

Honda EU2200i 2000-watt quiet inverter generator provides enough power to run multiple appliances in your home/apartment. But if your area experiences frequent power outage then you can double the power by connecting two 2000-watt Honda generators with an optional cable/cord.

Our Verdict


  • The powerful EU series is ideal for both home and job site use
  • Safety features include low-oil shutdown, on/off switch, and overload protection
  • Lightweight and compact footprint makes it suitable for tailgating, recreation use, and similar outdoor activities
  • Features eco-throttle that helps maximize run time by monitoring wattage requirement
  • Best quiet 2000-watt generator for the money
  • Easy-to-use recoil start is thoughtfully placed for a quick start every time
  • Double the load by connecting two EU Honda inverter generators for extended use


  • Lacks electric start
  • Costly but worth every the money

Key Features:

  • 121 cc engine displacement
  • 3.7 HP
  • 0.95-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • CARB-compliant
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weighs 40 pounds

2) WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Stale fuel not only loses its combustibility but also degrades engine performance in long term. And you would not love to see your investment go in vain just because of blockages caused by stagnant fuel inside the carburetor. So Wen 56203i features fuel shutoff to avoid stale fuel problems. This feature stops the further supply of gasoline in the carburetor and utilizes the remaining fuel before shutting down.

This way the carburetor remains free from stale fuel as well as you can collect the remaining fuel for the next use. Besides fuel shutoff, Wen 2000W inverter generator comprises of an Eco-mode. Switch to eco-mode to maximize fuel economy. This mode works by adjusting itself to fuel consumption as appliances are plugged in and out from the panel.

With surge power of 2000-watts and running 1700-watts, Wen portable inverter generator is great for running heavy-appliances of home. You can connect the unit to a refrigerator, toaster oven, kettle, water purifier, etc.

But apart from powering home appliances, Wen 56203i is designed to mirror a pure sine wave. This reduces harmonic distortion to under 0.3% at no load and 1.2% at full load. And such minimal distortion is safe to charge/run laptops, smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and other such sensitive electronics.

Our Verdict


  • Quiet operation; the sound it generates is similar to that of a normal conversation
  • Features two 3-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and two 5V USB ports
  • The 3-in-1 knob is for turning the engine on, off, and fuel shutoff
  • Lightweight design with a sturdy built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Best rated inverter generator under $500 for home use, camping, and off-grid living
  • Buy Wen parallel kit to connect two Wen inverter generators to increase wattage and runtime
  • 4-stroke OHV engine delivers constant power for maximum fuel efficiency and smooth working of your appliances


  • No electric start
  • Not as robust as Honda but is good for the price

Key Features:

  • 79.7 cc engine displacement
  • 1-gallon fuel tank
  • 2.14 HP
  • Auto idle control
  • CARB-compliant
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 38.6 lbs

3) Champion Power Equipment 2000-Watt Ultralight Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Love to spend time with family out camping? Then get the Champion 2000w gas-powered inverter generator that is perfect for camping and RV use. Champion 100692 features a 79cc engine that produces a surge power of 2000 watts. And with a running load of 1700-watt, the inverter generator can power all major appliances of an RV or the ones important for off-grid living.

A large fuel tank capacity of 1.05 gallons makes the Champion power backup generator an excellent choice for overnight use. With the gas tank full, the inverter can run up to 11.5 hours at 25% load. But if you wish to power a full RV with the 2000-watt generator then get an optional parallel kit.

The kit lets you connect two 2000w inverters for a total of 30 Amp power. And this much power is enough to run your RV air conditioner, mini-fridge, and a 32-inch flat-screen continuously for a couple of hours.

The model offers two 120V 20A household outlets and a 12V DC automotive-style outlet. All three of the outlets are covered with a built-in plastic cover to prevent the entry of dust and debris. With all three outlets plugged in, the outdoor generator produces nearly 53 dBA of noise that is similar to the working of a regular-size dishwasher in the other room.

Our Verdict


  • Comes fully assembled with a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation
  • CARB compliant + EPA certified
  • Features a smart economy mode that reduces electrical load on the engine and passes only the required amount of power; thus, saves fuel
  • Reliable coil start combined with cold-start technology for a quick start during cold weather
  • Best gasoline inverter generator for backup
  • <3% THD for running/charging sensitive electronics
  • Covered outlets prevent damage from dust, debris, and water


  • Pull start only

Key Features:

  • 79 cc engine
  • 1.05-gallon tank
  • Parallel ready
  • Cold-start technology
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 39.5 pounds

4) Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator Gas Powered

Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

If you’re on a budget search then Westinghouse iGen2200 is one of the best affordable inverter generators for both home and outdoor use. With a peak power of 2200 watts and running power of 1800 watts, the gas-powered unit offers 80 cc engine displacement. With such a powerful displacement and rated running wattage, you can sufficiently power major appliances of your home in case of a sudden power failure.

Westinghouse’s 4-stroke OHV engine is engineered to deliver only the amount of power needed to run connected ports. The engine automatically adjusts the speed according to the outlets connected. Not only does this helps to maximize the runtime of the generator but also improves fuel efficiency.

Just like the above models, the Westinghouse iGen series is parallel capable of the Westinghouse inverter parallel cord. Using the parallel kit, you can instantly double the power to run the whole RV or apartment.

Production of clean, stable power with less than 3% THD is ideal for charging sensitive electronics. Besides, the Westinghouse 2000-watt portable generator offers two 5V USB ports to plugin mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc, directly. Also, the ports are covered with rubber shields to protect against potential damage from dust, debris, or water.

Our Verdict


  • Peak power of 2200 watts with less than 3% THD
  • Automatic voltage regulation prevents electric damage
  • EPA + CARB compliant
  • Variable engine speed allows up to 50% more fuel efficiency than convection generators
  • The unit comprises of 2x 120V 5-20 standard household outlets and 2x 5V USB ports
  • Best gas powered inverter generator under $500
  • Rubber outlet covers on USB ports prevents dust, debris, and water damage


  • You might have to pull the cord multiple time to start the engine

Key Features:

  • 79 cc engine displacement
  • 1.2-gallon tank capacity
  • 11.8 oz oil capacity
  • 3 HP
  • Parallel capable
  • 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weighs 46 pounds

5) Yamaha EF2400iSHC, 2000 Watts Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha EF2400iSHC 2000 Running Watts Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Running an air conditioner on an inverter generator requires good quality of power. And Yamaha 2000W gas-powered portable generator is an excellent choice for running an RV air conditioner. With a peak power of 2400 watts and running 2000 wattages, Yamaha offers sufficient power to run most 13500 BTU microwave, convection oven, air fryers, etc.

In addition to stable 2000-watt running power, Yamaha inverter generator boosts high current output. Such a design improves the air conditioner starting as well as maintains the low temperature of AC for hours. The air conditioner will maintain temperatures up to 110ºF.

Yamaha’s Smart throttle system automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load. This helps to reduce the load on the engine by delivering only the amount of power needed. Not only does it reduce vibrations of the engine but also increases fuel efficiency that makes the 2000-watt generator work for a long time.

Low oil can damage engine performance in the long run. So it is important to keep the oil level in check for the smooth and quiet working of the generator. And thanks to Yamaha’s oil watch warning system that helps prevent engine damage from low oil. The led light turns on immediately on low oil levels so you do not have to make extra effort to stop and check the oil remaining in the tank.

Our Verdict


  • Prevent stale gas problems by shutting off the gasoline petcock
  • Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV engine improves efficiency and works quietly
  • Sturdy aluminum die-cast frame + cast iron cylinder liner for the excellent performance of generator engine
  • Removable back access panel to clean/maintain the unit
  • Best powerful inverter generator for rv air conditioner
  • Meets emission regulations including CARB
  • Dual handle design to carry the unit conveniently


  • A bit pricey
  • Heavyweight unit; you’ll need good muscle power to move it around

Key Features:

  • 171 cc engine displacement
  • 5.5 HP
  • Brushless inverter
  • Pulse width modulation(PWM)
  • 1.6-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 75 pounds

6) A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Quiet Operation

A-iPower SUA2000iV 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Quiet

Outdoor activities like tailgating and camping, need a reliable power source, especially if you’re going to spend hours or days off home. And a quiet inverter generator like A-iPower SUA2000iV serves best for your outdoor need. It features low idle technology that provides extended runtime.

Powered by a 79 cc engine, A-iPower 2000w generator produces pure sine wave which makes it safe to run/charge sensitive electronics. You can directly plug in the mobile/tablet/laptop cable to the generator’s 5V USB port for seamless charging. The port is covered with a plastic shield to protect against any damage from dust or water.

In addition to a single 5V USB port, A-iPower portable 2000w inverter comprises a 20A household outlet + a 30 A outlet to run heavy-duty appliances. Thanks to its 1600 watts running power that lets you use essential kitchen appliances like electric kettle, hand blender, coffee maker, etc.

The unit’s overload alarm turns on immediately as soon as you plugin the appliances above the suggested wattage. This system protects both, inverter generator and appliance from permanent electric damage. Besides overload, the machine also indicates low oil levels to maintain the engine’s performance.

Our Verdict


  • Clean and safe delivery of power is good to run both heavy appliances and sensitive devices
  • EZ start system ensures safe and reliable start on every pull
  • Multi-switch on/off and choke
  • Safety indicators include low oil alert and overload alarm
  • Best inexpensive portable generator for camping
  • Comprises of a DC adapter plug to charge car batteries conveniently
  • Double the power by connecting another 2000w generator via its parallel operational outlets


  • 1600 running watts can be quite low to run some appliances
  • The unit runs at 58 decibels which is not completely quiet

Key Features:

  • 79 cc engine
  • Built-in fuel gauge
  • Low idle technology
  • EPA-approved
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 46 pounds

7) WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Everyone in your family hates a loud noisy generator, sometimes, your neighbor too. While the sound might not be a big issue if you keep your inverter in the backyard or apartment balcony, a little noise makes a lot of difference when you’re living off-grid in quiet. And you’ definitely didn’t take a break from home just to spend time outdoor hearing loud engine noise.

Wen 56200i 2000-watt gas-powered portable inverter generator is the best choice when it comes to quiet operation. Its powerful yet quiet operating 79.7 cc engine runs as low as 53 dB. Such a quiet inverter generator does not disturb you or the wildlife around you when you choose to camp in the woods.

But do not let the silent operation of Wen 56200i make you think of it any less. Thanks to its powerful 4-stroke OHV engine that produces a surge power of 2000 watts while remains stable at 1600 watts. This much peak power is enough to start an RV air conditioner, mini heater, and refrigerator, while 1600-watt rated power ensures stable working of expensive home appliances.

Wen small inverter generator comprises of two 3-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, and one 5V USB port. While the provided ports are enough to power multiple appliances at once but if you still need more power then link up 2 Wen generators using a parallel kit.

Our Verdict


  • Includes oil funnel and spark plug wrench
  • Great to use for power tools, small electronics, sump pump, halogen work lights, bench tools, large appliances, etc
  • Runs up to 9.4 hours at quarter load
  • Parallel connector port to connect another Wen unit for increased wattage
  • Best affordable inverter generator under $500
  • Indication lights for low oil, overload, and output connection
  • Turn the eco-mode on for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Limites total harmonic distortion under 0.3% at no load and under 1.2% at full load


  • It would be better if the sensitive USB port had some sort of plastic or rubber shield
  • Lacks fuel shutoff

Key Features:

  • 79.7 cc engine
  • 1-gallon fuel tank
  • 2 HP
  • Auto idle control
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weighs 50 lbs

8) Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator, Gas Powered

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Carrying a heavyweight engine to the campsite can be tiring. And you would not love to spend the rest of the day inside a tent sleeping after carrying a heavy generator to the camp location. So instead, buy Westinghouse WH2200iXLT super quiet portable inverter generator that weighs nearly 43 pounds. And with a sturdy built-in handle, you can easily carry the generator to your favorite campsite.

Peak power of 2200 watts makes the engine suitable to start many high-watt appliances. And with a running power of 1800 watts, Westinghouse WH2200iXLT is perfect for running RV ac, toaster oven, ceiling fan, etc. Besides, less than 3% TDH is great for charging sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc without any electrical damage.

Switch to the economical mode for maximum fuel efficiency. This mode varies the engine speed according to the load connected. This way, the engine uses only the amount of fuel required for the connected load to run and provides up to 50% fuel efficiency.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT is an ideal choice for emergencies and backup as it has the potential to run up to 13 hours on a full gas tank. Such an impressive running time is great for overnight use and off-grid living where it is hard to find reliable municipal electric connectivity.

Our Verdict


  • Reliable recoil start with automatic voltage regulation
  • Powerful OHV engine with low TDH for sensitive devices
  • The panel comprises of 2x 120V 5-20R standard household outlets and one 12V DC outlet
  • Includes engine lubricant, oil funnel, and spark plug wrench
  • Best portable inverter generator for home backup
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • Lightweight unit with built-in carry handle for easy transportation


  • Engine accelerating issues on heavy load connection
  • Recoil start only; might take multiple pulls to start the engine after a few uses

Key Features:

  • 79 cc engine displacement
  • 1.3-gallon capacity
  • 2.44 HP
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 43 pounds

9) Pulsar PG2000iSN 2,000W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator

Pulsar PG2000iSN 2,000W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator

Transport Pulsar PG2000iSN portable gas-powered inverter generator to your campsite without breaking your back. This lightweight yet powerful generator is good for both home and outdoor use. With a peak power of 2000 watts and running power of 1600 watts, Pulsar can power multiple devices at once.

Speaking of devices, the panel features 2x AC 120V 13A outlets, one 12V DC 8A outlet, and one 5V DC USB outlet. Besides, the inverter generator comes along with a 12V charging cable, spark plug wrench, an oil funnel, and a 10W 30 oil bottle. In short, you can get the Pulsar 2000w generator running out of the box.

The 80 cc OHV gas engine is capable of running up to 8 hours at half load and a full tank. You can reduce the load further to keep the machine running for longer. Such an impressive running capacity is great for home backup and overnight use in case of a hurricane.

Our Verdict


  • Compact suitable design with built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Stable sine wave technology provides pure, safe electric power
  • Features an AC pilot light that indicates “all system go”
  • Economy switch varies engine speed to deliver only the power required
  • High impact polypropylene case reduces impact and noise
  • Reliable inverter generator for home backup and camping
  • Comes with multiple accessories like an oil funnel, charging cable, spark plug wrench, etc for a smooth start of the engine


  • Runs a little loud
  • You will have to pull cords multiple times to start the engine during a cold weather

Key Features:

  • 80 cc engine
  • 1.18-gallon
  • Parallel capable
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 47 lbs

How quiet are inverter generators?

The quiet working of inverter generators makes them worth buying. But how quiet inverters actually are? Certainly, they run much quieter than a conventional gas generator that has the potential to wake your neighbors.

On the contrary, inverter generates runs in the range between 50 – 60 dBA which is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. The noise coming off from a good quality 2000-watt inverter generator is similar and sometimes low than a normal conversation.

And if you decide to go for the popular inverter generator brand like Honda, who is known for making quiet generators, you can barely tell whether the engine is on or off. No doubt inverters are costly than conventional units but are worth an investment as they’ll save you a lot of fuel for the coming years.

In short, inverter generators are quiet and best for home and outdoor use to keep noise levels at a minimum.

What can you run on a 2000 watt inverter generator?

A curious question going on mind before you buy a new product is, what appliances can you run on a 2000-watt generator. Firstly, a 2000-watt inverter generator is not powerful enough to run the whole house. But it is an excellent choice for home backup as 2000 watts are sufficient to keep most of the household appliances running in the time of need. The below list will give you a better idea of which appliances can a 2000-watt generator run.

Heating/Cooling Appliances:

  • Ceiling fan – 140-250 watts
  • Small space heaters – 1500 watts
  • Mini cooler – 500 watts

Kitchen Appliances:

  • Coffeemaker – under or rated 1000 watts
  • Microwave toaster – under or rated 1000 watts
  • Refrigerator – 750 watts
  • Small popcorn machine – 850 watts
  • Mini freezer – 700 watts
  • Electric griddle – 500 watts

Can a 2000 watt inverter generator run a refrigerator?

You need to keep a few household appliances running even on a sudden power outage. And the refrigerator is one of them. The purpose behind running a refrigerator on a generator in case of power failure is to protect the food items inside. Certain food items require to store at a minimum temperature to keep them fresh and eatable for a long time.

And you would be happy to know that a 2000-watt inverter generator is good to run a refrigerator.

But if you’re not sure whether your 2000w generator supports running of your kitchen refrigerator then do some math. Look for the Ampere sticker on your fridge and multiply the amperes by 120 V. This will give you an idea of running watts of your refrigerator and whether you can connect it to your inverter generator or not.

For example, if your fridge consumes 8.5A then multiply it with 120 V(which would be your generator’s receptacle). So, 8.5A * 120V = 1020 watts, which is safe to connect to a 2000-watt inverter generator.

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Power outages can be frustrating. And instead of buying a generator in a hurry be prepared for such emergencies by buying a 2000-watt inverter generator. Though they are not powerful enough to run the whole house but provide enough power to run major appliances of the home. Besides, they are portable to carry to a picnic spot, campsite, and similar outdoor recreation activities where you need electricity for a long time.

Also, a 2000-watt portable inverter generator is great for RV use to run various trailer appliances like an air conditioner, mini-fridge, cooler, etc. Now that you have got a list of the best 2000w inverter generators, it’s time to pick the right model and never run of electricity when you need it the most.


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