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Shaping wood is an art which you can achieve by buying the best bandsaw. And if you’ve landed here, you’re probably searching for the best 14-inch bandsaw. Then congratulations, as you’ve made it to the best bandsaw reviews that will help you tackle a variety of woodworking jobs.

A 14-inch wood bandsaw is a large machine that features 2 or mostly 3 wheels with a sharp band-like blade. This sleek yet sharp blade is what helps to shape the wood. From circles, squares, to intricate cuts, you can do a lot with a good quality 14″ bandsaw. You can easily spot one such tool at a woodworking shop.

If you search online, no doubt, you’ll come across several different bandsaws. And each brand claims its product to be the best. But we all know you can’t trust everyone out there. So after researching and analyzing numerous products we’ve come to the following list.

Best 14 Inch Bandsaw

Best 14″ Bandsaw for Your Workshop

Below are the top 10 14-inch wood bandsaws. Just go through the below reviews and we bet you’ll find a perfect product for home use, DIYers, and woodworking professionals.

1) JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14 Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

Reliable and powerful, you can say Jet JWBS 14″ bandsaw is a beast. Offering a cutting capacity width of 13.5 inches and a cutting height capacity of 12 inches, this Pro bandsaw kit is perfect for professional woodworkers. In addition to impressive cutting width and height capacity, Jet JWBS-14DXPRO can also handle even the toughest resawing jobs measuring up to 12 inches. To ease your job of cutting wood, the Jet 14″ bandsaw features a built-in retractable blade guard. This guard moves up and down from 0 to 12 inches to handle both small and large jobs.

Not only performance-wise, but this heavy-duty bandsaw is also strong construction-wise. Made with a super-tough cast-iron frame, the machine does not wobble even while resawing tough hardwoods or thick wooden boards. Also, a blade speed of 1500/3000 SPFM glides through hardwoods like butter. Connect a reliable shop vac to the unit’s 4-inch dust port. This will keep the work area cleaner by minimizing dust, debris, and chippings.

Our Verdict


  • New high-tension spring design to adjust the cutting height
  • Easy-to-see blade tracking window
  • Ball-bearing guides on the upper and lower side reduce friction that results in smooth cuts
  • Built-in retractable blade guard that moves up and down from 0 to 12 inches for flawless resawing
  • Reliable poly-v belt drive system
  • Study cast iron frame and steel construction that is designed to last for years
  • Best 14-inch professional wood bandsaw for the money


  • No optional fence or miter gauge

Key Features:

  • 1-1/4 HP
  • Cast-iron tabletop
  • 2-speed
  • 4-inch dust port
  • Max 3200 RPM
  • 13.5-in cutting capacity(width)
  • Weighs 247 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

2) Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

Cutting accuracy matters most at a job site or any serious project. And if you can’t take risk of errors due to misalignment of wheels then go for Delta 14″ electric bandsaw. Its five precision ball bearing upper and lower blade guide ensures consistent tracking. And this helps with an accurate cut every time no matter whether you’re cutting straight lumber or guiding the blade through a complex shape. Plus, the larger insert provides better visibility for quick and safe changing of the lower guide settings.

Another impressive feature of the Delta wood bandsaw is its tool-less belt tensioning system. You can quality adjust the tension by rotating the knob on top without searching for any tools. Besides, the durable aluminum and rubber-coated 9 spoke wheels are engineered for balanced operation and excellent blade tracking. Therefore, cutting a circle from a wooden board or resawing lumber is no biggie for Delta resaw bandsaw. Simply insert a blade up to 3⁄4-inch that allows cutting capacity 13-5/8″ wide and 6″ high, perfect for intricate cuts.

Our Verdict


  • Features 1-phase TEFC motor with 2 speeds, 1620 FPM and 3340 FPM for wood and soft-metal cutting
  • UL listed
  • Includes miter fence
  • Large worktable with T-slot miter capability tilts 3° left to 45° right with a positive stop at a 90-degree
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • 5 precision ball-bearing upper and lower blade guides
  • Heavy-duty steel frame last longer as well as requires minimal maintenance
  • Best quality 14-inch bandsaw for wood and metal


  • Blade changing and re-tensioning is a bit tricky for beginners, especially on the lower guides

Key Features:

  • 1 HP
  • 3340 max RPM
  • 18.62 x 15.75-in worktable
  • Tilt-capable
  • 4-inch dust port
  • 13.625-in cutting capacity(width)
  • Weighs 165 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

3) Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw with Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence

Shop Fox W1706 14 Bandsaw with Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence

Gone are the days where you would need to carry multiple tools for cutting a single board of wood into equal halves. Now you get the benefits of multiple tools in one single power tool like Shop Fox W1706. This 14-inch large bandsaw features extruded aluminum fence and rails, a miter gauge, hinged wheel covers, quick-release blade tension, and a 4-inch dust port. So from ripping thick lumber to doing intricate cuts, all you need is this reliable wood bandsaw rather than a suitcase full of tools.

Not only do these features help in perfect cuts but also increase job site productivity. Which makes it one of the best benchtop bandsaws for beginners. Besides that, Shop Fox W1706 features a sturdy cast-iron table that measures 14×14 inches. This table tilts from 10° left to 45° right to work on a variety of projects. Also, the machine accepts blade size of 93-1/2-inch that can cut material up to 3/4-inch wide. Not just that, but the dual-speed of the blade allows for accurate wood and non-ferrous metal cutting. Just make use of the right blade while cutting metal.

Our Verdict


  • Durable cast iron blade wheels, frame, and table
  • Powerful, single-phase, 1HP motor operates at 1725 RPM
  • Features 2 blade speed of 1500 FPM(good for cutting wood) and 3200 FPM(good for non-ferrous metals)
  • The deluxe aluminum fence offers solid work support, whereas, a hairline scale can be easily adjusted to the desired position
  • Quick blade change release/tensioning
  • Cabinet type stand that can also be used for storage
  • Best 14″ bandsaw for beginners with miter gauge


  • Heavyweight product
  • Assembly takes a long while

Key Features:

  • 1 HP motor
  • Max 3100 FPM
  • 14x14x1-1/2-inch table size
  • Table tilt capable
  • 4″ dust port
  • 13-1/2″ cutting capacity(throat)
  • Weighs 250 pounds
  • 2-year warranty

4) Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14"

Handle woodworking projects like a pro with Grizzly 14-inch bandsaw. The practical design and robust construction of Grizzly GO555LX are perfect for both DIYers and professionals. Thanks to its all-ball-bearing construction that eases blade tensioning. The best part about Grizzly GO555LX 14-inch wood bandsaw is both its cast iron wheels and rubber tiers are computer balanced. So you might not need to adjust it much while assembly. Besides, the quick-release tension helps in easy replacement and adjustment of the blade.

Made in Taiwan, this vertical band saw sits on a heavy-gauge steel stand. While the steel stand provides stable support, its cast-iron frame adds weight to the unit. This, in turn, helps to rip thick hardwood without the table or unit wobbling for a flawless cutting experience. Plus, you can tilt the cast iron worktable to a maximum of 10 degrees at the left and 45 degrees to the right. Thus, support smooth slant cuts.

Our Verdict


  • Computer balanced cast iron wheels
  • Easy to use, rack and pinion guidepost
  • Safety feature includes a lockable switch with a padlock
  • Sturdy T-shape fence design for proper alignment of materials
  • Certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Standard 6-inch resaw height
  • Best hobby bandsaw for both DIYers and beginners


  • Heavy fence

Key Features:

  • 1 HP
  • Max 1725 RPM
  • 14-in x 14-in work table
  • 4-inch dust port
  • 13-1/2″ depth of throat
  • Tilt-capable
  • Weighs 247 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

5) JET JWBS-14SFX 14″ Steel-Frame Bandsaw

JET JWBS-14SFX 14" Steel-Frame Bandsaw (714400K)

Good cutting speeds not only cut material like a hot knife running on butter but also results in fewer burrs. Therefore, it reduces after-cut work. So we’ve picked Jet JWBS-14SFX in our best 14-inch bandsaw review list. The impressive no-load speed of up to 3000 RPM easily cuts through wood. In addition to high-speed, the deep table offers a massive 360 sq. in. workspace. This spacious cast-iron surface fits large lumber and wooden boards for straight and intricate cuts.

Who doesn’t love to work in a cleaner environment? So instead of a single port, this Jet corded electric wood bandsaw features dual 4-inch dust ports. Connect them to a reliable shop vac for maximum dust collection efficiency. This will reduce airborne particles as well as keeps the workspace clean. Besides that, heavy-duty tubular steel welded construction keeps the machine steady while a heavy-duty base allows a wobble-free cutting experience.

Our Verdict


  • Reliable construction features heavy-duty steel welded construction, robust stamped steel doors with welded pin hinges
  • Dual dust collection ports keep the work area cleaner
  • Independently adjustable guides(both upper and lower)
  • Includes high-quality metal miter gauge
  • Single-point adjustments while moving table
  • Machined aluminum fence surface with clear measurements
  • Best large professional bandsaw for resawing lumber


  • 2 bottom screws close to the dust ports makes it a bit difficult to attach vacuum properly
  • Heavy product

Key Features:

  • 1.75 HP
  • 3000 RPM
  • 21 x 17-inch worktable
  • Dual 4″ dust ports
  • 45° right tilt
  • 13.3-inch cutting capacity(width)
  • Weighs 272 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

6) Powermatic PWBS-14CS 14″ Woodworking Bandsaw, with Stand and Riser Block

Powermatic PWBS-14CS 14" Woodworking Bandsaw, with Stand and Riser Block (1791216K)

If a high budget isn’t a deal-breaker then you might like Powermatic PWBS-14CS 14″ woodworking bandsaw. Equipped with an extra-large 15″ x 15″ worktable, this large wood benchtop bandsaw is an excellent pick for serious DIYers and professional woodworkers. Powered by a 1-1/2 horsepower TEFC(totally enclosed fan cooled) industrial-style motor, the unit delivers enough power to cut thick lumber like running the knife in a soft jelly. In addition to a powerful motor, a set of precision-machined multi-groove pulleys is driven by a poly-V drive belt system. This belt system is best known for its smooth and efficient power transmission.

There are times when you have to work in dim light. But say no more with Powermatic large heavy-duty commercial bandsaw. It features a built-in adjustable lamp slot that throws light directly onto the blade and surrounding area for precise cutting. Apart from the bulb slot, the unit features a chip blower to blow the dust and tiny debris out of the way to follow the cutline better. Several user-friendly features in combination with robust construction make the electric wood saw worth investing in.

Our Verdict


  • The box includes a band saw, guide rail, rip fence, rails main table, extension table, miter gauge, and hardware
  • The rugged design offers uncompromising accuracy and durability
  • Features a 4-inch diameter port cast into the lower housing directly below the blade to keep the work area clean
  • Industrial style, the fan-cooled motor allows for long continuous use
  • Micro-adjustable dual-bearing blade guide system generates less heat
  • You can move the carter between all 3 positions without losing the tension settings
  • Sturdy T-square rip fence with 4-inch resaw adjustment
  • Best professional resaw bandsaw


  • 1 speed only
  • The instruction manual lacks clarity

Key Features:

  • 1.5 HP
  • 3000 SFPM
  • 15″ x 15″ work table
  • Poly-V drive belt
  • 60-watt adjustable lamp
  • Built-in chip blower
  • Weighs 178 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

7) Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw, Black/Grey

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw, Black

Long lumber needs a large and sturdy surface for proper cutting. And large worktable of Laguna Tools heavy-duty 14-inch bandsaw will surely assist in ripping thick boards and long lumbers. Equipped with a cast iron 21-1/2″ x 16″ micro-polished table, you can comfortably fit long and wide boards of wood onto the table. Rely on steel frame construction, pyramid spine, and cast iron wheels that keep the large power tool stable for flawless intricate cuts and maximum user safety.

Instead of one, Laguna’s professional 14-inch band saw features double windows. These windows allow for convenient checking of both tension and tracking even while the machine is running. Plus, you can easily adjust blade position with quick-release tension. Speaking of blade tensioner, it features 6 and 11-o’clock stops. Besides that, Laguna’s worm gear and pinion are ultra-smooth and are engineered for minimal flex even when the table is fully extended. Ultimately, it results in the precise cutting of long wooden boards.

Our Verdict


  • Illuminated on/off direct start with safety key
  • Heavy-duty cast iron trunion measures 8″ x13″
  • The large table tilts 45-degree right and 7-degree left
  • CSA certified
  • Micro-polished table surface
  • Keeping an eye on tension and tracking is easy with the unit’s dual-window feature
  • Good 14-inch wood band saw for small shops


  • Blade not included
  • Adjusting lower guides is tricky

Key Features:

  • 1-3⁄4 HP TEFC motor
  • 21-1/2″ x 16″ table surface
  • 13-5/8-inch throat capacity
  • Aluminum Hi/Low fence
  • Double windows
  • Weighs 266 pounds

8) RIKON Power Tools 10-353 14″ 3 hp Professional Bandsaw

RIKON Power Tools 10-353 14 3 hp Professional Bandsaw

Professionalism is all about discipline and delivering desired results to customers. And only a reliable bandsaw can help achieve that. So we’ve picked Rikon 14″ professional bandsaw with 3 innovative, patent-pending features. The patents are for a spring-loaded tool-less guide system, quick-adjust fence system with 6-inch tall rip fence, and quick-lock cast iron trunnion system. While the tool-less blade guide system allows for quick settings of guides without wrenches, the quick-adjust rip fence adjusts for drift turning a few knobs only. Thus, saves time and increases productivity.

Just like a majority of high-end models, Rikon Power Tools also feature an extra-tall rip fence. This provides flexibility to resaw material as well as provides supports large lumber for thin ripping. The incredible power of the motor with a blade speed of 4300 ft/min is ideal for cutting more than just wood. You can use the machine for cutting other materials such as plastic, PVC pipes, non-ferrous metals, and foam materials. In short, this one tool replaces many other small power tools.

Our Verdict


  • Designed with user-friendly features and safety in mind
  • Handy lever and gear unlock quickly set table angles
  • Blade speed of 4300ft/min works best for resawing wood, cutting PVC pipes, soft-metal sheets, foam materials, etc
  • Emergency ‘off’ footswitch pedal
  • Clear sight window gives proper view while adjusting blade
  • Best professional resaw bandsaw with unmatched power


  • Expensive

Key Features:

  • 3 HP motor
  • 2250-watt
  • 21-1/2″ x 15-3/4″ worktable
  • Max blade speed: 4300 ft/min
  • 13-5/8″ throat
  • Weighs 315 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

9) Central Machinery 14 Inch Four Speed Woodworking Band Saw with Cast Iron Table

14 Inch Four Speed Woodworking Band Saw with Cast Iron Table, Blade, Miter Gauge

Looking for a good wood band saw for home use but the high-end prices of these power tools don’t fit in your budget? So does that mean you’ll have to spend more than 1000 bucks for a good quality product? No. Not at all. The Central Machinery 14-inch 4-speed woodworking bandsaw is perfect for budget buyers. Despite the low price, the machine offers all the qualities you need for smooth straight, and intricate cuts. While a majority of high-end models feature a single or two speeds, Central Machinery offers 4 speeds.

You can set the blade speed to 568, 1080, 1582, or 2529 FPM according to the material. For example, a particle wood or MDF requires a lower cutting speed than a thick hardwood. And the biggest advantage of setting speed is, you can cut various materials accurately as well as save electricity. The user-friendly features of the small electric bandsaw do not end here. It features a cast iron table that tilts from 0-45° for bevel cuts. Plus, the unit comes along with a miter gauge for accurate miter cuts.

Our Verdict


  • Capable of cutting stock up to 6 inches
  • Thrust ball-bearing construction
  • Cast-iron tilt table bevels from 0-45°
  • Cuts compound curves up to 14 inches thick in wood and plastic
  • Includes accessories; heavy-duty stand, blade, and miter gauge
  • Best budget 14-inch bandsaw for home and job site use


  • Short warranty period
  • Average assembly instructions

Key Features:

  • 550-watt
  • 4 speeds
  • 1700 RPM(Max)
  • 14×14 inch worktable size
  • 14-inch throat depth
  • Weighs 167.2 pounds
  • 90-day limited warranty

10) Craftsman 9-22401 Professional 14-Inch Wood Cutting Band Saw

Craftsman 9-22401 Professional 14-Inch Wood Cutting Band Saw

The versatility of the Craftsman professional 14-inch wood cutting band saw makes it ideal for home and small wood workshops. This powerful machine is capable of cutting both wood and non-ferrous metal. Therefore, you’ll not have to search for a PVC pipe cutter or soft metal cutter separately. Featuring a long 100″ blade, Craftsman’s large resaw wood saw offers 2 speeds to deliver the perfect cut every time. While the high speed of 3340 RPM is good for intricate cuts, the low speed of 1620 RPM is ideal for cutting hardwood and other soft metals.

A good blade results in good cuts. And you do not need to worry about blade performance with this electric shop bandsaw. It offers an impressive 8-inch resaw capacity and ball-bearing guides that are responsible for smooth blade movement. Plus, it reduces friction that ultimately elongates blade life. Other features include an easy blade tensioning system, tracking window, built-in light, blade tension gauge, and dual dust collection ports.

Our Verdict


  • Sturdy cast iron base
  • Safety guard on the door
  • 45-degree tilting capacity allows for smooth bevel cuts
  • Simple and straightforward start and stop button
  • Upper and lower micro-adjustable ball bearing guides
  • Features a 7-inch cord to conveniently place the unit in your shop
  • Best value 14-inch bandsaw for wood and metal cutting


  • It might be a bit tricky for beginners to cut complex design on a small wooden block due to sawdust accumulation
  • The blade adjustment bolt under the table is kind of flimsy

Key Features:

  • 1 HP motor
  • 2 blade speeds
  • 45° tilting table
  • MAx 3340 SFPM
  • 8-inch resaw capacity
  • Weighs 224 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

Buyer’s Guide for Best 14 Inch Bandsaw

Though the list above contains ten 14-inch bandsaws, some qualities make them different from each other. And these qualities might be best for some buyers and worthless for others. If you’re buying a wood bandsaw for the first time then it is important to check some important features/functions of the unit for the best outcome. The below points will help you pick the right model for home or professional use.

Blade Width

The width of a blade determines cutting efficiency. While a small blade is good for intricate or complex cuts, a large blade is ideal for thinning large lumbers. Also, you need to insert a compatible blade to cut non-ferrous metals. If you’re not sure which blade goes with which material then it better to ask a professional. Using the wrong blade is dangerous as well as bad for the motor.

Motor Power

The power of the motor is calculated by its HP or Horsepower. This is a crucial factor to look for as the motor power decides how smooth it will cut through various materials. A smaller bandsaw with 1/2 HP or 1 HP power is ideal for home use. Then there are heavy-duty wood bandsaws with motor power of 1-1/2 HP which are an excellent choice for resawing and cabinet works.

6″ Or 12″ Throat

The throat capacity of a bandsaw is the distance between the blade and column. This decides how thick material you can pass through the blade effortlessly. Throat capacity is also known and cutting capacity depth. The cutting depth can range between 6-inch to 36-inch depending on the type of model. However, an electric home bandsaw with a 6″ throat capacity is enough for most of the DIY woodworks. But if your job demands resawing then it is good to go for a 14-inch bandsaw with 12-inch or higher throat capacity.

Cutting Fence

Fence, or say, ripping fence is a long metal block on the worktable surface. This movable fence eases the ripping of wood and other materials in half. Not only do they eliminate the need to mark the material but also aids while resawing and crosscutting materials. The cutting fence is a great feature for beginners.

Built Material

14-inch bandsaws are no doubt a huge investment. And it is obvious to expect durability of the unit when you’re spending such a hefty amount. So we have paid special attention to the built quality while listing down the top wood bandsaws. A sturdy metal exterior, be it stainless steel die-cast aluminum or cast iron, is perfect for home and shop use. They require less maintenance as well as last for a lifetime with proper use.

Surface or Stand

This is entirely your choice. While some professional woodworkers prefer using the tool on the surface, beginners feel using a stand is more comfortable. If you’re not sure about buying a new 14″ bandsaw with a stand or not, then go for a unit that works fine with or without a stand.

How Tight Should a Bandsaw Blade Be?

The tightness or tension of the blade determines how smoothly the material will pass through it. Thankfully, the new wood bandsaw eliminates the need to use wrenches to adjust blade tension. Instead, there are knobs on top and bottom that allow you to set the blade tension without using any tools. But how much tension should be on a bandsaw blade? Well, there is no definite answer to these. Not even woodworking experts can suggest accurate blade tensioning for straight and precise cuts. But below observations will surely help you cut various materials like a hot knife passing through a butter stick.

15000 psi to 20000 psi is the recommended tension for a regular carbon-steel blade. The psi changes according to the blade. For example, a carbide-tipped or spring-steel blade requires a higher tension at 25000 psi to 30000 psi. There are tension scales on the saws that help you set the right blade tension. Unfortunately, most of them are inaccurate. It is better to buy a good blade tension meter that shows accurate readings and helps to set the tension better. This not only results in precise intricate cuts but also elongates blade life.

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Make complex cuts on a wooden board or cut a non-ferrous material easily with the best 14-inch bandsaw. This large yet powerful machine is a dream of many serious DIYers and woodworking professionals. A good quality wood saw can do straight, intricate cuts, plus, are resaw capable. And now with a buyer’s guide and a list of best bandsaws in hand, it will be easy for you to pick a good 14″ resaw band saw. Do let us know the qualities of which model attracted you the most.


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